Thought of the day:  "A wise and healing ritual in Zambia told by storyteller and teacher Michael Meade: If a member of the tribe becomes ill—emotionally or physically—the belief is that an ancestor’s tooth has lodged itself within the person and is responsible for the sickness. Because all members of the tribe are connected with each other, the suffering of one affects the others, and all become involved in healing. The tribe’s healing ritual is based on the understanding that, as Meade relates, “The tooth will come out as the truth comes out.” While the sick person must reveal the rage or hatred or lust he or she is experiencing, for the full truth to be revealed, each person in the tribe must express his or her own buried hurts and fears, anger and disappointment. As Michael Meade describes it: “The release happens only when everything comes out, in the midst of dancing and singing and drumming. The whole village gets cleansed by the release of the tooth through the release of these difficult truths.” Tara Brach

July 22, 1943 – October 17, 2014

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